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As a car owner, when it comes to taking care after your car there is nothing more essential than regular servicing.  

The idea of a service is not just to replace the engine oil; it is intended to monitor the workings of all aspects of the vehicle. Regular servicing not only enhances your engine life it also reduces the chances of you ever breaking down due to the malfunction or failure of critical components. Regularly servicing your car means you can travel anywhere with the piece of sincerity that your vehicle will be reliable but most importantly safe for you and your passengers.

ALLCARS extensiveservice is,

  • Oil Change

  • Replace Premium Oil Filter

  • Steering Suspension and Brake Inspection

  • Washer Additive

  • Tyre Rotation

  • Fuel System Additive

  • Replace Spark Plugs

  • Tyres, Drive Belt, Tension Inspection

  • Vehicle inspection

  • All Lights, Windscreens Wiper and Other Electrical Components

  • Computer Battery Test

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